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Here’s My Bill’: Kirstie Alley Shares Her Own Plan For Stimulus Money To The People Who Need It

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The frustration among the US citizens is visible during this period when citizens should be given financial stimulus by the US government. The conflict from the establishment buildings in Washington D.C. spread across the social media platforms and many ordinary people, as well as celebrities, want to share their own opinion about the current unwanted and unplanned situation.

One of those is the popular actress Kristie Alley.  Her idea received positive impressions among her fan base and other people who saw her Twitter post. In fact, her idea is the idea of many Americans who are ‘sick and tired of the establishment’s excessive spending for their own benefits leaving the American people penniless’. This rhetoric is very popular on social media these days, especially among conservative voters.

Kristie Alley’s Twitter post is ‘burning’ on the social media platform and many people show support to her proposition.

“Here’s my bill…. it has 2 items,” Alley’s tweet reads. “Congress takes no pay for 6 months. Americans receive $1,000 a month for 6 months. End of Bill.”

To many, this sounds a lot like President Trump’s idea to forge stimulus bill good and acceptable for the average US citizen. He refused and sent back the first original bill which included $600 direct payments.

“I simply want to get our great people $2000, rather than the measly $600 that is now in the bill. Also, stop the billions of dollars in ‘pork’.

Alley continued and directly addressed the members of the Congress in her next tweet asking for $2000 stimulus for each American citizen.

“Get rid of the BS & give Americans $2,000 relief money.NOW is the time to show favor to Americans.When I read the ridiculous amounts of money for idiotic studies and enormous donations such as the Kennedy Center .. my blood boils. The Kennedy Center can wait. families can’t,”

Either way, this stimulus is of crucial importance for the American people. The COVID crisis struck the entire nation and the economy suffered a major blow which resulted in a global recession. Of course, this ‘state’ influenced the global economy and this is not something unique to the US only, but the nation expects more from the government of the country with the highest number of billionaires and multi-billion corporations.

On the other hand, the frustration is understandable because Congress members quickly passed the bill for their own payments (in advance) large enough to feed the poorest and most vital in multiple states. The nation will soon enjoy the benefits or suffer the consequences of this decision. The exchange of ideas and thoughts will result in a social media war, but that shouldn’t surprise the US citizens who only want better social conditions during the ongoing COVID crisis, despite the ideology they support.


Hours After Biden’s Relief Bill Passes – Tax Increases Surfaced Pilling Up To $60 Billion

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NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION- This is the motto that is written on the pillars of this country. The USA is NOT FOR SALE, NOR RENT! This country belongs to the citizens and nobody else. However, some people will spin this, of course.

The communist-minded Biden will say that the WE MUST PROVIDE for the country. Elitists in Washington see the USA as a milking cow, nothing more, nothing less.

Proof of this is the latest HUGE tax increase for the $1.9 trillion stimulus. Believe it or not, the tax compensation is worth more than $60 billion!

Democrats snuck a handful of surprise tax hikes on corporations in President Biden’s sweeping coronavirus relief package that combined are worth more than $60 billion.

One provision in the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill limits deductions for publicly traded companies that pay their top employees more than $1 million for tax years beginning after 2026. Another extends a cap on how much certain unincorporated business owners can deduct against their non-business income to reduce their tax liability, and the third clamps down on how multinational corporations do their taxes.

During the COVID crisis and huge waves of illegal immigration, the economy is going to suffer a heavy blow, let alone this huge tax implication.

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Schumer’s Senate Majority Is Already In Trouble – Poll Shows Dems Could Lose Seat In New Hampshire In 2022

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The reasons behind the enforced and radical policy of implementation of the far-left agenda in the Congress by the Democrats finally surface. The biggest reason for pushing their bills so hard is the fact that they are on a good way to lose the Congress and the Senate.

The strongholds of all leftists are now threathened by the growing popularity of Donald Trump and the conservative movement. However, the biggest threat to the Dems are their own members, especially those who hold places in the highest institutions of the country.

The new polls show that they are going down rapidly:

A brand-new poll from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center found that one race in the 2022 election could determine which party controls the U.S. Senate — and the GOP has a strong chance of winning it.

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire holds a 48% to 46% advantage over Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan in a hypothetical 2022 general election showdown.

In New Hampshire, for instance, the difference is huge. Chris Sununu leads the race while the sitting Sen. Hassan is most definitely going to lose with these numbers.

The end of the Democrat contamination of the US society will arrive soon. Anyways, these days are crucial for the Republicans because they must show unity and strength to prevent Democrats from completing their agenda.

Source: GOP DailyBrief

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Biden Administration Slapped With 2 Major Lawsuits, Democrats Dreams Begin To Fade

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Joe Biden and his administration went all-in against the basic consciousness of every citizen of this country. The radical immigration policies enforced by Biden’s administration are completely destructive for our country.

Some states are fed on this and won’t back down. They are determined to fight back against the abuse of the federal institutions by individuals like Biden and his company. Montana and Arizona will join Texas in the legal battle against the rigorous pro-immigrant legislation that Democrats urge to pass Hosue and Senate fast.

Arizona and Montana are suing to block the Biden administration’s new immigration rules that would dramatically narrow the number of illegal immigrants targeted for arrest and deportation — arguing the policies would have devastating consequences for their states.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a statement:

If asked about the poorest policy choice I’ve ever seen in government, this would be a strong contender.

Blindly releasing thousands of people, including convicted criminals and those who may be spreading COVID-19 into our state, is both unconscionable and a violation of federal law.

This must be stopped now to avoid a dangerous humanitarian crisis for the immigrants and the people of Arizona.

The damage from uncontrolled immigration is massive as it is, let alone the COVID crisis. Every border must be controlled better than ever before during these times where new mutations of the virus appear. Biden and his clique are ready to sell the public health for a bunch of votes. Sad, don’t you think?

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